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What is the difference between a weave and hair extensions?

When you start looking into getting hair extensions, you may run into salons that offer weaves.

A weave is when all of your natural hair is braided. Then the stylists will take a hook and needle and sew in the hair extensions into the braid.

The service can be a little pricey--around $500 or more--depending on the quality of extensions that you get.

There are disadvantages to getting a weave. Typically a weave will last anywhere from 6-10 weeks, usually a little bit less than other types of extensions. Also, if you don't go with an experienced hair stylist, your braids could be done to tight on your head. Overly tight braids can contribute to scalp soreness, itchiness and even permanent hair loss. The stress of the hair pulling too much on the scalp can cause the natural hair to fall out at the roots.

If you have ever worn your hair in braids, it can take some getting used to. I know that I experience itchiness even when the braids are not too tight.

But the weave is viable option for getting long hair and one big advantage is that it does not use any sort of chemical or adhesive--which in the end will be better for your hair.


Haley433 said...

I find some of the information in this article inaccurate. I've purchased quality Indian hair extensions that have lasted lasted me almost a year. I only paid $200 dollars for the hair, not $500. It's my first experience with hair extensions, I consider the money I spent a good investment, it's as if it was my own hair!

Editor HR Hair Styles said...

Yes the hair for hair extensions might cost $200, but you have to pay a stylist to attach the hair to your natural hair. This is the most expensive part since it can involve a lot of time.

Some stylists charge between $500 all the way to $5000 and even higher. Usually they will quote you a price that includes the cost of the hair.

Richa said...

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bbhairextensions.com said...

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greeneyes62 said...

I am 51 years old and have been doing my own hair since I was 17 and I have never paid over $200 for hair. I order my hair from china and it is 100% human hair; wonderful hair and priced good. I put my own in and the cost of a stylist just depends on where you live.

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